DRR Information System: Managing Media Relations, Public Awareness and Communications for Emergency Preparedness and Response

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ACCRA, GHANA (3-5 JULY, 2017)


Eti sen?  (How are you?)

In July we are heading to Ghana and we will be offering a course on ‘Disaster risk reduction information systems’.

Disaster Managers have the challenge of focusing on their work and often neglecting the role of the media. Media practitioners often report on disasters with very little or background or experience in the field. This often leads to distorted reporting.This training focuses mainly in how to be proactive and manage DRR communications, as well as relations with the media  It also enables media practitioners to understand disasters better and how to report on them by working with experts in the field.

Join us in Sunny Accra this July. To register, please click on the following linkREGISTER ONLINE