Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting for Informed Decision-Making

 Johannesburg, South Africa  (10-12 July, 2017)





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We often know in advance what the meteorological and hydrological forecast say. However, what does this often coded information mean for us as lay practitioners in Disaster preparedness and response? When we get information on rainfall, it should be able to tell us also how the amount of rainfall can affect our crops, our safety and other livelihoods.


It will discuss how climate and hydrology information services have been integrated into decision-making at local, national and regional scales and in a range of different sectors, including agriculture, health, forestry, fisheries, transport, tourism, water resources management and energy in contribution to disaster reduction. The objective of this module is to enable meteorologists and hydrologists to translate very technical knowledge into information that can be used for DRR practitioners for preparedness and response purposes. To register online, please click on the following link: REGISTER ONLINE