Strategic Disaster Risk Planning and Management

The purpose of the course is to provide comprehensive disaster management process knowledge and skills to enhance the capabilities of oversight, facilitation and coordination for managers who have key disaster management responsibilities. It is designed to enable professionals working in disaster management, development and donor agencies to effectively integrate disaster management into their development programs and policies. Participants will be encouraged to develop key strategies and adopt proactive attitudes through participation in interactive lectures and reflection on a range of key issues raised during discussions and practical activities. This course will focus on empowering participants with both disaster management skills and management skills in general. Participants will get an insight into assessing risks, avoiding risks and managing disasters. The courses will focus on the nuances of disaster management in the 4 phases (disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery), risk assessment, research methods, business continuity management, management of disasters and disaster theories. Students will be taught to understand disasters and its management from a scientific point of view and the use of technology in the predictions and reactions associated with disasters.